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Mary Ann Buys Houses, Inc. is actively buying in St. Louis County, St. Charles County, St. Louis City and Jefferson County Missouri.  We buy and rehab, buy and hold mostly residential and flip land.  We have dabbled in changing use to commercial on some properties as well.  For over sixteen years, we have done over 800 houses.  Bottom line: we are qualified cash buyers who will be able to take down your deal if it is in fact legitimately a deal.

Sell House Wholesale 

We Want YOU To Be Successful

We are interested in helping you grow as a wholesaler.  We protect your fee and we don’t care how much you earn on the transaction as long as we are buying it for a price that makes sense to us.  More power to you if you can make a $50k-$100k+ wholesale fee.  We will never negotiate your fee on an assignment.  If the deal makes sense to us, we will move forward.  If it doesn’t, we’ll let you know at what price it would, and you can go back and try to negotiate with the seller.  If it’s your first deal, we’ll even help you with paperwork, coach you through the process and ensure your success.  Why?  So that you’ll go back out there and find us more deals!

The Problem

Most beginning or newer wholesalers make two big mistakes. Specifically, they:

  1. Overestimate ARV (After Repair Value)
  2. Underestimate Repairs

So please double check your numbers before submitting deals to us.  To be fair, we look at a lot of deals every day and we will ignore those that dismiss this criteria.  You must be using valid RECENT, SOLD comps and repair estimates for us to review your deal.

Warm Leads vs. Cold Leads

  • warm lead is a property that you have UNDER CONTRACT.
  • A cold lead is "Hey, yesterday I saw this property at 123 Main St, and it looks vacant . . . what would you pay for it?"

We are interested in WARM LEADS only at this time.

Listed Properties

If it is listed and not under contract, we've already seen it, so there's no need bringing already listed properties to our attention, UNLESS you have it under contract for the right price*.

Let's Cut To The Chase

So make us your first call at 314-310-6011 or submit the info in the form below with your leads and we will tell you if we're interested immediately. We promise not to waste your time.

If we're not interested, it's likely we know someone who is as we are a part of a large network of active professional investors.

Our Criteria

PLEASE DON’T TRY TO FIGURE OUT WHAT WE’D BUY…WE WANT TO LOOK AT ANYTHING YOU HAVE!  With that said, we are very interested in anything in St. Louis, St. Charles, St. Louis City & Jefferson County in any price range as long as it fits the 70% formula or less.  Lots, land, commercial property also.  Again, we’re an all cash buyer.  We can close in 7-14 days if all the paperwork is straight and title is clear.  We use Title Partners Agency most of the time.

"But, I heard you can't buy at 70% ARV anymore"

They will tell you that, but they are wrong. It’s happening in their markets and markets across the country every single day. If you’re persistent, you will find deals. Don’t listen to naysayers.

Still Questions?

Call us at 314-310-6011.

*ARV x .70 - Repairs = Our Buy Price



Sell House Wholesale

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"I have never had an experience like this with someone. He was always friendly and caring. Everything went smooth at closing. We closed on our home and signed papers for the other home, which Jeremy found for us."

"We ran into financial problems after living in the property for 23 years...we went to Jeremy who made a suggestion on how to pay those loans and get out from under the debt. We are very satisfied with the outcome, and thank Jeremy very much."

"Not only did Jeremy have the highest bid, but he was also very professional. He did everything he said he was going to do, and his references checked out."

"[The process] was easy, fast, and quick. That's how I want to do it. I am happy and I trust him. Everything came through the way Jeremy said it would, so I am happy."

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anybody."

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